A Secret Guide to Our Favorite African Print Collections

African prints , with its mix of Zebra prints, bold batiks or tribal, there is the African inspiration that Gucci, Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Lowe, Bottega Veneta and others mesmerized us with.

African designers love of vibrant colors, beautiful beads and how it's reflected in all their fashion statements. So it is no surprise if European trend setters use African textiles and patterns for their collection. Tribal ethnical patterns, aso-oke pieces and hand crafted beads and conch shells are a much wanted highlight in most of the fashion shows. There is an awakening in the industry to the African designers and sense of fashion that is catching Europe’s rage. Here are some styles that have caught our attention, and we think they are well worth looking into.

Stylista GH’s Fabulous “Wild” Collection

[stag_image style="no-filter" src="http://geleyi.com/app/uploads/2015/06/geleyi-Stylista-GH-Wild-Collection-Lookbook-March2015009.jpg" alignment="right" url=""] Stylista GH has surely put Ghana on the “must do” list in European fashion. The “Wild” collection exemplifies the spirit of Africa with impressive Vlisco fabrics that mixes and matches vibrant colors in an awe inspiring jaw dropping collage that just glues my eyes on it. The designer’s intention is that it best suites the strong willed women, the go getters or the women that juggles work and play with elan. Moreover this collection is getting rave reviews from people that compliment it for its neat, convenient and wearable fashion. It is admittedly one of the best that you can get from the Vlisco fabrics

Herbert Victoria 2014 Collection

[stag_image style="no-filter" src="http://geleyi.com/app/uploads/2015/06/geleyi-Herbert-Victoria-11-.jpg" alignment="le" url=""] This collection is an inspiration drawn from the soul of West African countries like Senegal, Ghana, Mali and Guinea. He combines the different fabrics like Kente from Ghana, the woven Bazan fabric from Senegal and Mud cloth from Mali to create a fusion of elegant shapes and classy colors. If you are into cool and sassy, you should definitely try this.

Stella Jean Spring 2015 Collection

[stag_image style="no-filter" src="http://geleyi.com/app/uploads/2015/06/geleyi-stella-jean-7.jpg" alignment="right" url=""] The Stella Jean brand is a fresh mix of multiculturalism in bourgeois shapes and visually stunning prints. The designer gives us a feel of her persona in sharply tailored slacks and loafers a balloon skirt over spiky stilettos or a stripy shirt. Mud fermented giraffe spot print in shapely blazer produced in Africa in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative was exceptional. The flowing silk shirts and dresses were splashed with the bright Haitian scenes that lend a fresh and cheerful mood. A seductive charm was lent to the large T-shirts worn over siren skirts. The Italian – Haitian mix is really in the genes of Stella Jean.

Dpipertwins – Spring-Summer 2014-2015

[stag_image style="no-filter" src="http://geleyi.com/app/uploads/2015/06/geleyi-dpipertwins-aw1415-8.jpg" alignment="left" url=""] This Caribbean –African twins with their brand of Dpipertwins presents a creative blend of contemporary, chic and glamorous designs. The wax loincloth and silk paillette fabrics exudes a spirited freshness with generous prints and gorgeous colors that blends in well with the crop top and pencil skirt.