About Geleyi

Geleyi is the brand that brings exclusive designers together, all under one roof.

In the Yoruba language, in the West of Africa, a gele is a woman’s head wrap.  Geleyi means this woman’s head wrap.  And within this distinctly African tradition, Yoruba women are known the world over for the novelty of their beautiful geles.  Accordingly, the name Geleyi symbolizes African ancestry, culture, and heritage… yet with the ever-present glamour of the new.

Ankara and Dansiki fabrics, bold prints and textiles, these are just the beginning of African inspired fashion.  Because it’s about more than just fabrics and textiles.  I created Geleyi to share that “more”.  That unique presence within our African heritage: telling the story of what you think… displayed by how you carry yourself.  In fewer words, Geleyi provides quality clothing that celebrates who you really are.

Truth is that in the U.S., it’s still very difficult to find dresses, coats, blouses or accessories with that particular African elegance.  But that’s why we’re here.  I’ve gathered three select fashion designers — 54Kingdom, Arewa, Hesey Designs and Rue 114 — each with a breathtaking vision of beauty.  Visions that bring you the best of quality, wearable African Inspired fashion.  You’ve come to the right place.

And what do I mean by “quality” and “wearable”?  Have you ever had a dress that looks exquisite… but you can’t wear it in your everyday life?  Or a dress that was phenomenal in every way… except for the fabric? (Remember those?)  Wouldn’t it be great to feel secure in stunning African clothing, of supreme quality, that you can wear in any setting and that fills your surroundings with delicacy and charm?  All arising from you.

Now you can.  And everything is on us:

• Shipping Is Free

• Excellent Quality Is Absolutely Guaranteed.

• 100% Satisfaction Or You Get Your Money Back. (No Questions Asked!)

You’ll love wearing our pieces.

And Yes!  You can always give us a call and talk to us personally at (617) 401-7281.

So stand out. Set yourself apart.  Check out all of our clothing… then buy them and try them, with our powerful guarantee: quality, class, free delivery, and 100% satisfaction.  I’m absolutely positive you’ll genuinely fall in love with them.

Then, when your friends start bothering you about the secrets of your styling, we’d be inspired if you mention Geleyi!

With Love And Respect,
Dele Omotosho, Jr.