African Fashion Designers: The Ultimate Style Guide – Part 1

African fashion is shockingly beautiful. If you adore styles that makes you stand out, you can’t do better than African fashion. But, how much do you know about these beautiful styles?

Not much? This guide will completely change that.

In this guide, I will be taking you behind some of the most vibrant African inspired fashion designers from around the world. For each of our featured designer, we will explore briefly what defines their style and more importantly, what makes them stand from any other designers (and why you must wear their styles).

After going through this guide, you will completely understand what defines African fashion, more so, I want to draw you into each designers world.

A little confession first, this is not a list of all African inspired fashion designers. I did however select a good choice of designers that covers the diversity of African fashion. Trust me, you will love these designers.

Let’s get started.


by Anna Lukindo | London, UK

003-Anna-Luks-photo Anna has the signature aesthetics of ropes, cords, and yarn. As though that’s not enough, Anna Luks works principally with organic fabrics that are a mix of bold color pallets and prints.



by Adama Amanda Ndiaye | Paris, FR & Dakar, SG


Adama Paris is a label transfused with the diversity of it’s designer.  Adama is not only a designer, but also runs the fantastic Black Fashion Week. You will find it very difficult not to fall in love with Adama subtle mix of prints ‘” yes, and those colors too!


012-Aso-Damisiby Latifat Ibajinmi and Moriamo Johnson | Philadalphia, US


It’s easy to see the West African influence in Aso Damisi’s designs. The name of their label literally translates to ‘Clothing for Prosperity’, and that shows in their clothing.

Aso Damisi is all about West African influenced [textile] designs, very colorfulness, vibrant and sure to bring out the femininity in any woman.


017-Asake-Ogeby Asake Ogoro | London, UK & Lagos, NG


In addition to Asake’s African influence, this label also draws inspiration from European classic designs. The label focuses mostly on evening, bridal and red carpet wears, something for everyday woman.

If you don’t care for ready-to-wear, Asake is still to your rescue, they take your individuality a bit further with their beautiful made-to-measure service.


021-Ascho2i-Designsby Adama Kai | Paris, FR


For the professional woman, Aschobi aims to give you unique individuality that allows you to celebrate the clothing you wear. A label heavily influenced by the designer’s Sierra Leonean origin and her training from all the big  power fashion houses around the world (New York, London and Paris).

The label is sure to bring out the authentic straight-from-Africa wearable design to you.


by Seidnaly Sidhamed Alphadi | New York, US


Alphadi designs are inspired by Africa’s varying cultures through apparels like gowns, tops, jeans, sportswear, and jewelries.

The label’s fashion styles is a combination of African and Western couture which gives their design that exotic look.



by Aya Aidoo-Morisson | Accra, GH

This label will not settle for the traditional convention ‘” they design pieces that will carry you from day to night, effortless. This label uses a radical combination of bold color that will certainly push your individualism a lot further.

If you want to remain constantly fashionable with a moderately priced luxury fashion, this is the label for you.



by Yodit Eklund | Addis Abba, ET, J’burg, SA & Abidjan, CI


If you’re thinking African Inspired designers are just about the clothing, you will be wrong.

At least this label will convince you otherwise. They work solely with African-Inspired prints. They source inspiration and style from Africa, while the patterns are printed in Italy.

You’re will be ready to hit the beach with your piece of Africa.


When you’re ready to get your closet infused with a lot of West African influenced tie-and-dye, this label will blow your mind. Using traditional Yoruba dyeing techniques, they produce creative and contemporary designs.

There is surely a distinct spark that this label adds to your closet.

Details with vibrant colors and strong geometric patterns.



by Xaverie Bakemhe | London, UK

Inspired from the designer’s Cameroonian roots, each clothing from this label modernizes the traditional heritage patterns. In addition, materials are sourced from the designers country capital (Yaounda).

This label assures that you’re not only  wearing contemporary African styles, you’re also wearing authentic African.


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