African Fashion Designers: The Ultimate Style Guide – Part 4


by Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi | Lagos, NG 172-Lanre-DaSilva-Ajayi

Clothing is not just about aesthetics, this label takes it a lot further by infusing it with art and history (they really will take you back in time, not matter your age). Pieces ranging from jackets, to cocktail dresses, evening gowns and red carpet wears.



by Liya Kebede  | New York, US & Addis Ababa, ET


When you want to bloom, literally, this label comes to  your service. Yes,  ‘LemLem’ translates to ‘to bloom’ in Amharic.

Using very traditional weaving techniques, they put a modern touch to the aged styles of  Ethiopian hand-weaving and embroidery ‘” this label will surely light up your closet.


by Lola Faturoti | New York, US 182-Lalo-Faturoti-Collection

In the styles of Nina Simone, Betty Davis, and Cate Blanchett, this Lola has  crafted her voice though African history and its roots. You can’t miss the silks, the glowing combinations and the allure this collection will bring you.



by Anisa Mpungwe | Johannesburg, SA


When you’re serious about on making a fashion statement, this label’s elegant prints, and design sophistication will steal your heart.



by Funmilayo Déri | London, UK 197-Funlayo-Deri

This luxury womenswear would definitely enhance your curves. This label, influenced by the Funlayo’s African cultural experiences and exposure even pushes the uniqueness of the pieces further.

Every piece is hand crafted with care and darling attention to every detail. You will be sure that the piece you are getting is truly one of a kind.



by Maame Baryeh | London, UK 202-Maame-Baryeh

Blending your fashion in with everyone is death ‘” you should be bold and unapologetic! That’s this label’s dogma. It’s use of texture and color will definitely make sure you’re never hiding.


by Naana Brocks | New York, US

With strong use of African textile and creative patterns, this label will safely carry you through the story of the continent’s culture.



by Nike Akinola | London, UK 211-Nike-Akinola-London

You won’t do wrong dying for this label’s beautiful prints and intricate laces, they are modern as much as being traditional.



by Odio Oseni | Lagos, NG216-Odiot-Mimonet

As a professional, you want clothing that is elegant, graceful and will last you through your hectic day, this is where this label comes in.

Designed with the modern busy women on mind, they ensure you don’t sacrifice work for you unique style.



by Molly Keogh and Maryanne Mathias | Califonia, US & Accra, GH 221-Osei-Duro

In the traditional style of hand-batick, hand weaving and complex texture, this label remains simple and elegant even for the most discerning  woman. This simplicity is truly beautiful.

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